OnScent Unveils New Fragrant Candles at NCA Tradeshow, Elevating the Art of Aromatics

OnScent Unveils New Fragrant Candles at NCA Tradeshow, Elevating the Art of Aromatics

OnScent Unveils New Fragrant Candles at NCA Tradeshow, Elevating the Art of Aromatics

Las Vegas, NV – April 29th – OnScent, a leader in fragrance innovation, is thrilled to announce its participation in the National Candle Association (NCA) Tradeshow where it will debut a captivating collection of six uniquely crafted candles. This event, renowned for gathering the brightest minds in the candle industry, will be held in Las Vegas, providing the perfect backdrop for OnScent’s latest aromatic creations.

Introducing OnScent’s New Candle Lineup:

Each candle in the new collection is designed to evoke distinct memories and emotions, blending exquisite natural essential oils and sophisticated scent profiles:

  • Little White Wedding Chapel: An ode to blissful unions with fresh breezes and tender florals, underpinned by a warm musky base. Essential oils include Lemon, Orange, and Cedarwood.
  • Saltair Margarita: Captures the spirit of the coast with a zesty mix of sea salt and Kaffir lime, balanced by the earthy tones of tobacco and raw sugar cane. Essential oils feature Orange, Lime, and Black Pepper.
  • Mojave: Reflects the serene solitude of the desert with notes of desert air and powdery violet, supported by a rich base of creamy sandalwood and Palo Santo. Essential oils of Cedarwood and Vetiver enhance its depth.
  • Red Velvet Burlesque: A sensual dance of Calabrian bergamot and velvet rose, draped in the luxurious aromas of sultry musk and sugared vanilla. Essential oils such as Tangerine and Lemon add a fresh twist.
  • Black Jack: Melds the boldness of Tunisian neroli with the richness of dark rum and supple leather, creating a scent as daring as the game. Essential oils of Lemon and Tobacco Absolute provide a sharp finish.
  • Sin City: A complex tribute to the vibrant life of Vegas, featuring notes of Kashmiri saffron and brushed suede, deepened by dark vanilla and vintage leather. Juniper Berry essential oil punctuates this bold blend.

Elevating Experiences Through Scent:

“At OnScent, we believe in transforming everyday experiences through the power of scent. Each candle in our new collection is not just a fragrance but a narrative, crafted to tell a story and evoke emotion,” says Achim Daub, CEO at OnScent. “The NCA Tradeshow is an incredible platform for us to showcase our dedication to quality and innovation in the world of fragrances.”

Visit Us at the NCA Tradeshow:

We invite all attendees to visit the OnScent booth to experience these mesmerizing scents firsthand. Our team will be available to discuss the intricate processes involved in developing these unique fragrances and to explore potential collaborations. For more information about OnScent and our participation in the NCA Tradeshow, please visit here. About OnScent: OnScent is at the forefront of fragrance innovation, specializing in creating bespoke scents for a variety of applications, from personal care products to ambient environments. With a commitment to sustainability and excellence, OnScent continues to lead the way in scent solutions that captivate and inspire.


Contact Information:

Achim Daub Chief
Executive Officer OnScent

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