Is Bigger Better?: Why Mid-Sized Fragrance Houses Can Actually Benefit Your Brand More 

Posted on June 24, 2022

Small brands are facing a big problem—many major fragrance houses won’t work with them. While big fragrance houses are often approached first due to their popularity, these small to mid-sized brands end up being turned away. “Big fragrance houses often require a minimum order quantity of 200lbs,” explains Bertrand Lemont, who helms OnScent, a fragrance and natural cosmetic solutions provider that works with clients big and small. “Our midsize accounts don’t always have the volume of finished products that require 200lbs of fragrance oil. We have built more flexibility in our production and potential clients can let us know exactly what they need,” said Lemont.
Indeed, these smaller players can’t afford to overspend on fragrances, especially if they are unsure of how their products will perform when they hit the market.

Why Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Big fragrance houses also require longer turnaround times, something small and mid-sized brands don’t always have the luxury of. OnScent senior marketing director Rosita Presti, who has worked in both big and mid-sized fragrance houses, shares: “The biggest frustration I experienced when I was working at one of the giants was the multiple layers of involvement that needed to be navigated for a project to reach completion, which usually added unnecessary delays.” On top of that, big fragrance houses lack the attentiveness required to understand the needs of these smaller brands which are not serviced with personalized fragrances customized for their specific brand or brief. It is not unusual for some large houses to implement computer-based fragrance submission systems designed to assign fragrances without the need for human intervention. But this approach may not be good enough for smaller players looking to take their brands to the next level.

We’ve Found a Way to Help Brands Big and Small Win 

At OnScent—a merger between three established fragrance houses Premier Specialties, Intarome, and Fragrance Solutions—our combined expertise and technology allows us to serve all brands. As such, OnScent’s minimum order quantity is 50lbs—quarter the amount typically required by a large fragrance house. We’re faster too, with a target 3 to 5 business day lead time for regular orders, regardless of size. We achieve this by working on a model designed to target optimum deliverables by creating experienced, agile teams to meet specific technical and creative demands for every brief. While we work at a higher speed, we take the time to seek your input and listen to your needs. In fact, smaller brands can opt for customized fragrance solutions to help differentiate their products. “We are hands-on, our creative work is prepared by humans, not by automated systems,” Lemont notes.

Fragrances With a Human Touch 

Another advantage of working with a mid-sized fragrance house is our after-sales service. For example, if a client doesn’t like the scent that’s formulated, OnScent will work with the client to make tweaks until they find the right scent. “This is crucial in order to understand the brand and what the final consumers’ needs are,” Lemont shares. OnScent also goes a step beyond providing fragrance and natural cosmetic solutions. As smaller players may lack certain resources to help them successfully get their products to market, we also provide market intelligence and regulatory expertise. “We provide this additional expertise to all clients regardless of their size. We are notorious for being there at the early stage of a new brand to help them grow and become successful,” said Lemont. At OnScent, we’re small enough to care, and big enough to serve. With experienced leadership, a multidisciplinary team of fragrance experts, large production facilities, and industry certifications and recognitions, we’re poised to help your brand grow and succeed.

Whether you’re a large, established brand or a small, emerging player, or somewhere in between, we’re ready to assist you. Speak to an OnScent fragrance expert today 

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