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OnScent and Ascents Labs Join Forces to Launch Groundbreaking Scent Wellness Platform

Mark Kohoot, Founder and CEO of Ascents Labs , and Achim Daub, CEO of OnScent, today revealed a thrilling collaboration that will bring to life the world’s first and only clinically validated scent wellness platform.

This innovative partnership blooms from Ascents Labs’ 12-year devotion to crafting proprietary essential oil blends with a proven positive impact on wellness endpoints such as sleep disorders, stress & anxiety, and nausea. Their profound understanding of scent creation, coupled with a rigorous commitment to clinical validation and peer review, forms the foundation of this exciting venture.

OnScent and Ascents Labs are set to invigorate the personal care and air care markets by making this unique platform accessible to clients. Together, they intend to stir the senses and evoke powerful, health-promoting emotions by launching a wellness scent platform based on the foundation of clinically validated proprietary essential oil blends.

The alliance will harmoniously combine the technical and regulatory prowess of OnScent with Ascents Labs’ groundbreaking research and development in the field of clinically-validated wellness scents. This meeting of minds and merging of expertise embodies their shared passion for innovation, sustainability, and the transformative power of scent.

Mark Kohoot expressed his excitement about the partnership, “We are thrilled to join forces with OnScent. Our mutual dedication to innovation, quality, and wellness resonates through every facet of this collaboration.”

Achim Daub echoed this sentiment, “With this partnership, we can help brands create meaningful connections with their customers through scents that are not only beautiful but have a powerful, positive impact on their wellbeing.”

This venture is a testament to both companies’ commitment to delivering unique scents that stir powerful emotions, improve health, and make a tangible positive social impact. Interested parties are invited to reach out to learn more about how this unprecedented scent wellness program can revolutionize their product offerings.  

About OnScent: OnScent is a global leader in perfumery with a purpose, committed to crafting scents that stir the senses, evoke emotions, and make a positive difference.

About Ascents Labs: Ascents Labs is a pioneer in wellness scents, with over a decade of experience creating clinically validated, proprietary essential oil blends for consumer health and wellness.

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