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Onward and Backward — A Revolutionary Partnership Ushers in a Sustainable Future for Fragrance & Cosmetic Industries

*** Press Release***


In our relentless pursuit of bringing more naturality into fragrance design while at the same time securing an uninterrupted supply for all our customers, we at OnScent are thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking partnership with Ultra International, a leading provider of precious natural raw materials such as Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts for the Fragrance & Flavor, Food & Beverage as well as Personal Care industries. This strategic collaboration is a beacon of our commitment to “backwards integration,” ensuring we bring to our clients the purest essence of nature: invaluable essential oils and botanical extracts sustainably sourced and fully traceable. It also epitomizes our mantra of delivering Perfumery with a Purpose. For People and Planet.

In today’s climate of unpredictable supply chains, exacerbated by both climate change and geopolitical shifts, the need for consistency and reliability in global supply chains has never been greater. With this partnership we are embracing this challenge and setting a new standard for the fragrance industry.

By collaborating with Ultra International, OnScent aims to delve deeper into the roots of our industry. We’re not merely sourcing natural materials; we’re nurturing and cultivating them. These exclusive raw materials and unique qualities are a fragrant testimony to our dedication to quality, and our love for perfumery, exclusively tailored for our discerning customers. With this partnership we manifest our unwavering commitment to drive sustainability, transparency and traceability to new heights in the fragrance industry.

OnScent is more than a creator of masterful fragrances. We are dreamers, committed to weaving a scented tapestry of quality, sustainability, and innovation. Our ethereal bond with nature, our refined approach, and our commitment and passion for perfumery are what set us apart.

We invite all of our clients, and all who cherish the olfactory art to join us on this journey. Experience the evocative allure of natural raw materials, cherished, cultivated, and presented with unparalleled devotion.

For every fragrance note you discern, remember the promise it holds — a promise of sustainability, unmatched quality, and a fragrant future sculpted from the rich legacies of the past.


About OnScent: At the heart of OnScent lies an unwavering passion for the world of fragrances. Teaming up with industry leaders like Ultra International, we strive to deliver an olfactory experience that’s rooted in authenticity, innovation, and sustainability. OnScent creates masterful fragrances which delight consumers and customers alike for applications such as air care, household, industrial, and personal care as well as fine fragrance sectors.


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