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At OnScent, we specialize in creating bespoke fragrance by collaborating with fair trade organizations and trusted suppliers. Our natural ingredients are sourced responsibly, ensuring environmental protection and community benefits. Our dedication to sustainability and ethical practices means each fragrance not only elevates your product but also supports the planet and the people behind its creation. With OnScent, you enjoy exceptional quality and contribute to a better world

Cosmetic Ingredients

OnScent takes ethical sourcing seriously. So, we believe in doing our part to make a positive impact on the world. There are many steps but it starts with the suppliers we partner with. We work closely with fair trade organizations and develop strategic partnerships with trusted suppliers. And in doing so, we ensure that all of our products are ethically sourced. Not only does this benefit the people and communities involved in custom fragrance manufacturing, but it also helps protect the land and environment. Lastly, we are proud of our ethical sourcing journey and are committed to continuing our efforts to create a better future for all involved.


The OnScent bioactive portfolio consists of highly purified, standardized phytoactives to naturally derive, efficacious plant extracts. It’s crucial they deliver functional activity and perceptible improvement in the appearance of skin and hair.

Floral Waxes

The impermeable, resistant wax barrier extracted from flowers or whole plants protects them from critical moisture loss and external aggressions. So, OnScent Floral Waxes are a unique inclusion in any beauty care formulation.


OnScent offers an extensive range of high purity natural plant butters that are readily absorbed to deliver active ingredients and moisturize, condition and nourish skin & hair.

Exotic Plant Oils

From natural, organic and Free Trade, to internally stabilized, OnScent has a wide range of oils to choose from. Our extensive line encompasses regional specialties from Jamaica, Nicaragua and Africa. And we do this to conventionally source plant oils. Natural and free trade in order to offer highly ethical custom fragrance solutions.

Exfoliants & Powders

OnScent natural botanical and mineral exfoliating agents gently polish away dry dead skin to reveal a fresher, more radiant complexion and help increase skin smoothness, boost skin tone and enhance the application of makeup, sunless tanners and skin treatment products.


We listen to the broad market needs. OnScent is pleased to offer innovative, naturally-derived or nature-identical antimicrobial control options. Options to support today’s demanding formulators and consumers.

Natural Essences

Lastly, OnScent has unique expertise in creating ISO all-natural fragrances and distinctive 100% pure Essential Oil blends. And this means these blends are vital to the evolving market. Then we can also offer clients OnScent’s range of sustainable and organic essential oils.

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