More Than Just Basics: The Evolution and Future of Men’s Personal Care

More Than Just Basics: The Evolution and Future of Men’s Personal Care

Today, we, at OnScent, invite you on a transformative journey into the ever-evolving landscape of men’s personal care. The industry has taken a remarkable leap forward as men extend their grooming routines beyond basic hygiene, with 68% of US males now using personal care products for enhancement, self-expression, and overall wellness.

This shift, a consequence of expanding gender norms and increased socialization post-pandemic, has exposed a new array of needs among male consumers. Today’s men are actively seeking to address specific concerns such as aging, dry skin, and hair loss. This emerging reality calls for innovative, targeted solutions that focus on total body wellness and a reimagining of traditionally hygienic products.

Companies like Arey and TenT have responded with holistic approaches, combining traditional grooming products with supplements to tackle issues such as hair and pigmentation loss. Gillette Labs, too, has capitalized on this trend, integrating exfoliating features into their razors to bolster skin health. It’s a sign that, as men’s grooming habits become more complex and refined, our industry needs to evolve and meet these new needs head-on.

Our exploration of evolving masculinity reveals an enthusiastic embrace of inclusivity and an erosion of traditional gender barriers. From genderless products like Good Dye Young Dyeposit that promote creativity and self-expression to TMPL Skincare’s focus on the unique skincare needs of men of color, the industry is shattering outdated norms.

Another critical factor shaping this industry’s trajectory is personalization. It’s no longer sufficient to offer broad-brush solutions. Today’s man seeks personal care products that cater to his individual needs. Men are willing to spend more time on their personal care routine to tackle specific skin or hair concerns. Brands that deliver personalized diagnostics and specific, targeted solutions will distinguish themselves in this crowded market.

Yet, as we innovate and adapt, convenience and value remain at the core of men’s personal care. Multifunctional products and multi-step systems, which offer both effectiveness and simplicity, are increasingly in demand, particularly among Gen Z men. Brands like Harry’s, having recognized the propensity for brand loyalty among men, have seized this opportunity by extending their offerings across various formats.

Amidst this whirlwind of innovation and change, our commitment to sustainability remains steadfast. From biodegradable packaging to natural, aluminum-free deodorants, we believe in harnessing nature’s power while preserving its beauty. Brands like Dove Men+Care, Michael Strahan, and Green Theory echo this value, promising not just personal enhancement but also planetary well-being.

As we look ahead, we recognize that there are valuable insights to glean from feminine personal care trends, not for replication but inspiration. Men’s personal care is no longer confined to functional claims such as odor or hair removal. The men of today seek skincare and beautifying benefits, thirsting for personalized and multi-product systems that deliver comprehensive solutions.

At OnScent, we are enthusiastic about the future of men’s personal care. We see an industry teetering on the cusp of revolutionary changes and new opportunities, from innovative products to groundbreaking marketing strategies. We remain dedicated to our core values of innovation, transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility as we continue to evolve in step with the modern man’s needs.

In the end, it’s about more than just personal care products. It’s about redefining masculinity, advocating for total body wellness, embracing inclusivity, and championing sustainability. With a shared vision and collective effort, we look forward to shaping the future of men’s personal care, one innovative, personalized, and sustainable product at a time.

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