As colder weather sets in, consumers light up candeles that make them feel warm & cozy

According to Euromonitor, BBW and Yankee Candle remain the dominant brands in the scented candle space largely due to their extensive seasonal fragrance offerings, consisting of classic favorites as well as modern twists on traditional staples

Scented candle brands should offer a diverse range of scents which allow for consumers to express their individuality while still appealing to the sense of nostalgia tied into the colder months and holidays season. For instance;

Boy Smells, Cedar Stack

This candle updates a classic woody scent with modern notes of Tobacco, Juniper Berry, Peppercorn and Labdanum, with Cedar and Sawdust providing a cozy sense of nostalgia.

Snif, Off The Grid

Meant to evoke the cozy isolation of a snowy winter retreat, this scent with Amber, Lily, Musk, and Sandalwood notes will “take you to your happy place.”

Diptyque, Feu De Bois

This candle features Birch, Juniper, and Cade, and is supposed to evoke the dry, burnt wood of a campfire.

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